Share a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric or story.


Craicin’ Good Fun  by Kimberly O’Neill

Stepping into a pub on our nightly adventures,

wall to wall conversations and World Cup on the screen.

A young gent tells his tales of music, song and dance,

craic’ everywhere to be seen.

Guinness and hard cider flow in harmony with the music,

feet tapping, loud laughing from locals and their stories.

A brilliant reel on the fiddle plays in this busy corner pub…

You can feel it in the walls, the history of a town and its’ glories.

A craic: the combination of gossip, information, artistic performance and,

of course, booze that go to make a good night out.

Round and Round

carousel horse

Carousel” by Johnny Wheeler

Brightly painted horses prance on poles made out of brass

The jumpers and the standers with their eyes made out of glass

A blur of colored horses as the carousel gains speed

As little girls and boys sit tall Upon their wooden steed.

Carousel horse in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, February 2014. 

Photoshop filter applied and color manipulated.

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Thoughts of Spring

I am excited looking for those first signs of spring, but with such a brutal winter I guess it may show a little later this year. Here are my photos from spring last year.  – Kim





The first day of spring is one thing,

and the first spring day is another.

The difference between them

is sometimes as great as a month.

Henry Van Dyke