In the Shade of a Lahaina Tree

Photo Friday Theme – Tree

We were so fortunate to have a beautiful day in Lahaina with our close friends. The girls all kayaked and had mani and pedis and then caught up with the guys for lunch. 

I caught this shot as we were walking thru the town. The backlit tree with the shimmering ocean in the afternoon was breathtaking. I noticed the person enjoying their afternoon beneath the shade of the tree.

Many Paths

WordPress Challenge- Path

I made a collage of some of the paths I have taken over this past year. A path can be like an old friend or a new adventure not knowing what you will find at each turn.

I also thought about the paths we take in life like moving, the loss of a parent, trying a new career. These journeys make you realize how important your relationships are in life. You may be walking through it alone at times, but to share it with a friend or family member somehow makes it a little less intimidating or more exciting depending on the path you’re taking.

Wishing you many paths to explore this year! “Happy Trails”