Somewhere Over the Rainbow Tower

2015-07-05 06.33.58

My entry in the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Grid.”

On our trip to Oahu, we stayed in the Rainbow Tower at the famous Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach. In 1968, the Rainbow Tower opened with what is called “the world’s largest ceramic tile mosaic”. There are more than 16,000 tiles form rainbows 286 feet tall by 26 feet wide, on either end of the tower.

It is absolutely gorgeous.


2015-07-04 12.15.21 - Version 2

When proposed with the question of what inspires me, I thought this photo encompassed the most important to me.

I am most inspired through quality time with my husband and girls. With saying that, this view from Diamond Head was from a family hike. My girls running ahead and being silly, my husband supporting me where I needed to rest and taking in all the views on our way up. All of us enjoying the view from the top.

I am inspired through nature and in particularly, the ocean. My time in nature brings me peace and connection to the beautiful world God created. From the tiniest flower blooming from a weed to a vista that is breathtakingly majestic, I love it all.

Lastly, I am inspired through travel. I love going on a new adventure with my camera in my backpack stepping where I haven’t been before and also returning to a loved place.

This photo from Diamond Head, Oahu inspired me in more ways than one… I am getting my camera ready for the next adventure this weekend!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”