A New Purpose

Photo Challenge- Repurposed

This week’s challenge brought me to a current project I am working on for our backyard this summer. I am reusing old deck board my husband set aside for me when he took on redoing our back deck and turning it into a fun sign. We chose some of our favorite vacation destinations and places that we lived and am painting each on a board with how far they are from our home. I am enjoying using the repurposed wood, which brings a worn quality to the signage that I like.


Chasing the Light

In this assignment, I was to find an object or scene and photograph it at different times of the day. I decided to use our backyard fireplace as it is convenient and you can really see how the sun reflects on the tile and chairs at certain times of day.

The first shot I took was at 8:15 at Shutter .625, F8.0, ISO 100. It took awhile for the sun to get through the clouds but knew it was time when the sun reflected nicely on the left side of fireplace and the trees in the background.

The second shot was taken at about 1:30pm. I love how the sun is filtered through the trees and is dappled on the tiles. I used aperture priority and really played around with bracketing. 1/60, F5.0, ISO 100.

DSC_0089 DSC_0107  DSC_0105

The last shot was taken on the day before when it had just finished raining (around 6pm). I love the intense color and glow from the sun setting but was unable to get a shot that really captured the beautiful sunset. I had success in other experimental shots where I underexposed a little and had a better sky result, but didn’t try it for this shot. Shutter.7692,  F4.0, ISO 400.

It was a great experiment and enjoyed pulling out the old tripod to play with longer exposures!