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Craicin’ Good Fun  by Kimberly O’Neill

Stepping into a pub on our nightly adventures,

wall to wall conversations and World Cup on the screen.

A young gent tells his tales of music, song and dance,

craic’ everywhere to be seen.

Guinness and hard cider flow in harmony with the music,

feet tapping, loud laughing from locals and their stories.

A brilliant reel on the fiddle plays in this busy corner pub…

You can feel it in the walls, the history of a town and its’ glories.

A craic: the combination of gossip, information, artistic performance and,

of course, booze that go to make a good night out.


4 thoughts on “CRAICIN’ GOOD FUN

  1. Super picture and poem ~ very relevant here where I live as we’ve just had most of the population of Ireland in town for Cheltenham races. The Craic was very good in the town cafes and bars!

    • Thank you very much. It must of been quite entertaining. We enjoyed our travels around Ireland, and England is on my list of places I hope to visit!

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