Never a Cliche 

I find that nothing compares with God’s creative work in nature when it comes to ambience. A place to reflect or enjoying conversation with friends gives you a moment to pause in awe!

Daily Post weekly challenge Ambience

– Kim


Friendly Skies

Photo Friendly theme- Motion

I love a window seat so that while we are motion at a very high rate of speed, I can capture very peaceful and gorgeous sky from my little window! — Kim

Always an Early Bird


My early morning collection.

By habit, I have been an early riser ever since I was a child. That continued throughout raising our girls, where I would get up to study before the morning alarms would announce another busy, family day’s start. Today, it is my labour of love to send my husband off to work with breakfast… Or at least coffee! With that I see many a sunrise.

It’s a perfect time to think of all to be grateful for.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”