2015-07-04 12.15.21 - Version 2

When proposed with the question of what inspires me, I thought this photo encompassed the most important to me.

I am most inspired through quality time with my husband and girls. With saying that, this view from Diamond Head was from a family hike. My girls running ahead and being silly, my husband supporting me where I needed to rest and taking in all the views on our way up. All of us enjoying the view from the top.

I am inspired through nature and in particularly, the ocean. My time in nature brings me peace and connection to the beautiful world God created. From the tiniest flower blooming from a weed to a vista that is breathtakingly majestic, I love it all.

Lastly, I am inspired through travel. I love going on a new adventure with my camera in my backpack stepping where I haven’t been before and also returning to a loved place.

This photo from Diamond Head, Oahu inspired me in more ways than one… I am getting my camera ready for the next adventure this weekend!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”


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