Iced Maple

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”


Photo Challenge – Depth

I enjoy shooting Depth of Field photos and blurring out the background. In this shot I love the layers of iced branches on our Japanese Maple tree. Not every one is in perfect focus but it really creates a depth in layers and you can feel how cold it was that morning!


9 thoughts on “Iced Maple

  1. One of my little “quirks” connected to my participation in the WordPress photo challenge is to check out all the posts near to mine on the response board. You and I must be like-minded (or at least share living in a very cold area ) I also posted pictures of the ice…in my case, the leaves captured in the puddles. I love your glimpse into the world of winter…a little icier than mine I think…our ice is only on the ground now.

    • Thank you for visiting my page! I in turn visited yours as well and enjoyed your ice photos. Right now all my icy places on the ground are snow covered but I am sure to have an opportunity during the winter. I also read your post about seedlings which I found very interesting. What time of year do you start them in the containers? Last year was the first year I planted a vegetable garden. I absolutely loved it but have much to learn. Nice to meet you via blogs, Kim

  2. A very nice shot, Kim. Reminds me very much of one of the photos I did in my own ice storm photo series last month. Indeed, the buds caught within the ice, which make the picture, make me wonder whether you’re in the same part of the woods as I (sorry for the pun). 🙂

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