Creative Outlet

Dusk at Sugarloaf

by Kim O’Neill

Today I am finally starting the first chapter of a self-guided photo class from In the past,  I have taken a Photoshop class online with deadlines and that worked wonderfully for me, but self guided doesn’t work well with my procrastinating personality. Luckily I am doing this class with my friend Diane who is already on Chapter 4, and this motivated me to work together!

My ultimate goal with taking classes is to become a stronger photographer so that I may bring my photos to a professional level. My main interests with photography are travel, landscapes, portraits, and animals.

1. Our first lesson was to make a visual file or notebook –  jotting down ideas on what to shoot, and how to shoot different subjects.

2.Make an extended project of our chosen subject varying the composition and lighting.

Great tips from Chapter 1

  • To improve our photography, we are to look for good light, trying different angles, lens and times of day,
  • Sharper results: sports mode or shutter priority with Shutter speed at least 1/250
  • Frequent repetition, change ISO or manually adjusting my aperture
  • Go closer. Edit out the busy around your object.
  • Slow down, take more options
“In the pursuit of taking better photos…  exploring and discovery for yourself as a photographer.”

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